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Benelli U828 Silver kal 12

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BENELLI U828 Silver

Technical sheet

CHAMBER 76 mm Magnum

BARRELS AND CHOKES CB - Interchangeable choke - Power Bore 65/70/75 cm

RECEIVER FINISHING Ergal, nickel-plated and engraved

STOCK AND FORE-END Pistol-style with Progressive Comfort system / Ergonomic with safety release

STOCK LENGTH TRIGGER MEASURED / DEVIATION 375 mm, modifiable to 385 mm with long butt plate or to 365 mm with dedicated stock

WEIGHT approx. 2,980 g with 70 cm barrel

PACKAGING 828 U is supplied in a polymer case that follows the style of the latest generation of Benelli packages. The internal tartan coating adds an unmistakable touch of elegance. The internal structure is versatile and modular, the barrels-fore-end section and the stock-receiver section are sized and fitted for any 828U customised configuration.

‘828’ is the code that identifies Urbino, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The 828 U over & under firearm combines the experience of the past with the new technological era. The sleek lines of the receiver with its peculiar engravings extending to the stock exude elegance in a perfect harmony of shapes and materials. The wood incorporates the Progressive Comfort system, the butt plate and the special polyurethane comb are the ideal combination to reduce perceived recoil and muzzle rise. 828 U is the epitome of lightweight and comfort, stability and adaptability. A shotgun with fast, yet extremely stable swinging, capable of adapting perfectly to the shape and shooting stance of the hunter. The only over & under shotgun that provides for fine-tuning of drop and deviation (Perfect fitting). The heart of the Benelli over & under shotgun is the Lock Plate locking system made from hardened steel. A simple and ingenious device that ensures strong and reliable closure and cancels mechanical stress. the aluminium receiver makes for a lightweight over & under (at less than 3 kg), yet extremely resistant and perfectly balanced. Another important element is the 828 U's compact, removable, precise, practical, reliable cocking assembly with short percussion times. 828 U delivers optimal performance and comfort tailored to your needs.

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