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Pulsar Axion XM30F värmekamera.

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Axion XM has a space-saving and pocket-sized design and weighing less than 250 grams. This is a classic option for a running hunting and tourism. The device is easy to grip and operate by right-handed and left-handed people due to the symmetrical arrangement of buttons on the upper panel.

A quick-change APS3 rechargeable battery provides 5 hours of continuous operation of the thermal imaging device on a single charge. The battery is removed from a battery housing and replaced with a new one in seconds. The battery is charged in a special device or inside the device from a PC, household power system or power bank via USB. The same sources are used for external power supply of a thermal imaging device.

Teknisk specifikation:

Sensor: 320x240 pix. @ 12 µ
Millikelvin värde på värmesensorn (NETD): 50mK
Objektivdiameter: 24 mm
Förstoring: 3-12x (x4 zoom)
Upptäcksavstånd: 1300m
Typ: icke kyld
Upplösning: 320x240 pixlar
Pixel pitch, µm: 12
Frame rate, Hz: 50
Synfält: 7.8°
Närfokus: 3m
Dioptrijustering: +/- 5 dioptrier
Display typ: HD-AMOLED
Upplösning: 640x400 pixlar
Video/foto format: .mp4 / .jpg
Interntminne: 16 GB
Skyddsnivå IP kod (IEC60529): IPX7
Användningstemperatur °C: -25 – +40
Dimensioner, mm: 144x40x69
Vikt, kg: 0.25
Laddningsport, V: 3.0 - 4.2
Batterityp: Li-Ion battery pack APS3
Kapacitet, mAh: 3200
Batteritid (vid T=22°C, Wifi avstängd): 5+ timmar
Extern strömkälla: 5V
Stativanslutning: 1/4" fotostativgänga
Wifi frekvens: 2.4Ghz
Wifi standard: 802,11 b/g
Wifi räckvidd (utan hinder): 15m

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Artnr: Pulsar-77473
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