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Leica Calonox View Thermal

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With the Calonox thermal cameras, Leica continues its long, successful track record in digital image optimization, and extends its excellent reputation as a camera manufacturer. Leica’s own image processing (Leica Image Optimization - LIO™) improves the image with special algorithms, thus achieving particularly detailed color gradations, excellent contrast, and high detail resolution.

The outstanding recognition range of the Leica Calonox View is based on a high-end vanadium oxide (VOx) sensor with 640 x 512 pixels and 12 µm pixel size with excellent temperature resolution.

The Calonox thermal cameras View and Sight have an astonishingly large field of view: for a better overview when shooting from blinds or stalking. The Leica Calonox View features a magnification range of 2.5x to 10x, so game can be reliably spotted and identified at any time.

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