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Warne 14TLM 30mm Tikka QD Medium Rings

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14TLM 30mm Tikka Quick Detach Medium Rings

Since each firearm manufacturer has their own proprietary mounting rail design, each ring model must be machined to exacting tolerances for proper fit and function. Because of this, the Warne Tikka Rings are able to fit right onto the receiver’s dovetail with no need for a mounting base.
The Tikka Quick Detach Rings sport the unique Warne indexable lever system which allows the user to remove the optics from the rifle then reattach it without the loss of zero, as well as allowing the location of the lever to be indexed once the rings are affixed to the bases. After the levers are tightened, simply pull out on the lever, turn it to the desired location then let it snap into place. These rings also feature a redesigned recoil pin to provide a stronger bearing surface for higher recoiling rifles.


Return to Zero Guaranteed, quickly detach and reattach the Tikka QD rings with no loss of zero.
Indexable lever allows placement of the levers in any position desired.
Tikka specific recoil pin for positive engagement of ring to receiver dovetail.
Rings securely mount around scope using 4 Torx style T-15 socket cap screws, 25 in/lb. of torque recommended.

Remove the 4 screws from both rings. Place the scope in the ring halves and re-insert recoil key. Start all 4 screws on both rings and tighten bottom screws to 25 in/lb* max. Place rings onto the dovetail with the recoil keys in the slots. Push each ring towards the muzzle to seat the recoil key and tighten QD lever, thumb & forefinger tight. (there is no need to over tighten QD lever) Adjust eye relief and level the reticle. Once both are correct, tighten the top screws on both rings to 25 in/lb* max. *After tightening, pull QD levers out to index them to the desired position.

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