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Warne 731M 30mm 7.3/22 Medium Matte Rings

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731M 30mm 7.3/22 Medium Matte Rings

The Rimfire rings are designed to fit a very wide selection of rifles with either a 3/8″” or 11mm dovetail. This is made possible by using a solid asymmetrical reversible clamp that can be flipped 180° and used on wider or narrower dovetails for the best fit.

All steel rings with a horizontally split design and only ½” wide.
Assymetrical reversible side clamp fits a 3/8″ or 11mm dovetail.
Securely mounts to firearm with Torx style T-15 socket cap screws, 25 in/lb. of torque recommended.

Remove ring top screws and top half of ring. Loosen clamp screw or lever and place directly on grooved receiver. Tighten clamp# screws or levers with rings in approximate location on receiver. Place scope in the rings and adjust ring location if needed. Snap ring tops over scope tube and start ring top screws. Adjust scope for proper eye relief and level reticle. Tighten ring top screws to 25 in/lb* max. Tighten clamp screws to 25 in/lb* max or tighten levers thumb & forefinger tight. (there is no need to over tighten QD lever) *Torque Specs are for dry threads - do not use threadlocker material. #Rings are factory set for 3/8" dovetail (dimple up), for 11mm dovetails, remove clamp and re-install with the dimple down.

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